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The Lodge

Right in the middle of the mountain village awaits The Fryksås Chalet where you can spend your dream holiday. In the genuine log house, we have let the natural materials account for a large part of the atmosphere. This is a place to create memories. For cozy and snuggling moments in front of the large fireplace, enjoy a nice yoga session upstairs in our meditation room, or play fun board games on the large kitchen table. In the bathroom there is a sauna and a lovely old style bathtub. Outdoors there is a jacuzzi which is available at your disposal. The large terrace offers many hours of leisure, sunshine, beautiful views and space for long dinners. Full service can be provided through our Chalet exclusive , so you can spend your day enjoying life and trying some of the amazing activities in the area.

The hidden gem

The snow crunches under your shoes, the cold bites your cheeks. You can hear your breaths, your thoughts. You look out over the village where old log houses whisper a story about a bygone era. Behind you, the snow-covered spruces have embraced the small village, and in front of you a mile-wide view awaits. The mighty Lake of Orsa has spread out to the village down there and together with the mountains surrounding it creates a horizon you will never forget. This is Fryksås, a hideaway when you who want a little more of the best things in life.


For centuries, Fryksås was used as a summer residence for the farmers in the surrounding villages. The grazing for the cattle at home on the farms was not enough, and they therefore moved their animals to the summer pasture and lived there in the summers. Fryksås has also grown and manufactured food products for a long time. Today there are two restaurants where you can enjoy locally produced food and a small genuine SPA besides the Fryksås Chalet.

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Things to do

Dalecarlia is home to the world famous Dala-horse and midsummer traditions. It is also Sweden's first region of culture, food and outdoor activities, so there is definitely plenty to do. The Fryksås Chalet has a unique collaboration with our local activity and experience provider, Green Owl Travel.  Together with them you can get the very best experience there is in Dalecarlia, Sweden. Horse sleigh rides, snowshoe trekking, nordic skiing, make your own Dala-horse, kick-sled safari, outdoor cooking or why not book a private meeting with Santa Clause in his home just outside of Mora. In summer we have some of the best biking and hiking treks there are in Sweden just around the corner of the Fryksås Chalet


Discover your senses

Here your senses are awakened simply by the air you breathe. A walk through the village feels like a discovery, a snowshoe hike in the woods makes you come to life, outdoor cooking at a barbecue area makes the soul rejoice. We can promise you that it will.

The village is close to the ski slope, ski tracks and predator park. And we have chosen the best of life here. Hand-picked activities, sights and adventures that you can discover on your own or with a guide. The best of Fryksås, the best of Dalecarlia, and of Sweden. 

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