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About us

Since I first discovered Fryksås, I was captivated by the stunning surroundings and the soul of the village. Me and my husband bought our first chalet here in 2013 to live the magnificent dream of the Swedish lifestyle.

I was a professional cross-country skier back then, and when it was time for me to recharge before the most important competition of my life, the world championships near my hometown in Dalarna, Fryksås was the obvious place of choice. For two weeks I was alone here charging down the ski tracks in the Nordic forest, attributed by the breathtaking views relaxing in front of the fireplace. In Fryksås appeared the total peace, presence and joy of life that I needed. This was also the first time I realized that I need share this place with the world. When I came to the World Championships I was full of energy and in the best shape of my life. Together with my team mates we took the silver medal in ski relay.

In my sports career, I have learned that nothing is left to chance. If there is a will, there is a way. Only the very best is good enough.

The same mindset is obvious to me when I create holiday homes. You deserve getting the best experience there is in this short lifetime that we have.

Quality always comes first.


Welcome to discover our hidden gem in Fryksås. We look forward to have you as a guest.

Sincerely, Maria Rydqvist

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