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Enhance the experience in Fryksås

Fryksås has a lot to offer. When you come here you will experience a calmness that is hard to explain. The clean air, the striking silence and the surroundings are contributing factors.

Fryksås is a perfect place to refuel. The nature that Fryksås has to offer is good for the mind, body and soul. In addition to all this, there are trails for both cycling and hiking, for nordic skiing in the winter and plenty of places for outdoor cooking.

Regardless of your purpose, a visit to Fryksås is going to be a memory for life.

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Fryksås Chalet Exclusive

If  you want to make the most of your stay in Fryksås Chalet the Chalet Exclusive is the right choice for you.

Here the sky is the limit.

Whether if you want to go dog sledding, feed the predators in an exclusive guided visit to Orsa Predator park or paint your own dala horse in the Chalet.


Your own host

When you arrive at the chalet you will be welcomed by your own host.


The host will be there for you during your entire stay. They will make sure that you have everything that is needed to have an pleasant time. 


Sightseeing -

Dalecarlia style

The only thing that can be heard is the horse's bell and the hooves hitting the gravel. Experience Fryksås slowly behind a horse.


You sit comfortably in the carriage behind the horse and hear about the history of the summer pasture while you go pass the old log houses.


The story of the Dala horse

The history of carving wooden horses dates back to the 18th century when the forest workers in the villages around Mora carved horses in their log cabins in the evenings. That is when the forerunner of the Dala horse of our time was born.


The Olsson brothers started the Dala horse factory in Nusnäs in 1928, when they were 13 and 15 years old and even today the horses are carved and painted by hand.


Carve and paint Dala horses in the chalet

The Dala horse is one of Dalecarlias most proud brands. Learn to carve and paint a real Dala horse and take a piece of the Dala tradition home with you. 

Many villages around Dalecarlia have their own color on the Dala horse, the Fryksås horse is brown because the first horse that came to Fryksås was brown.


Book your own chef

Imagine that you arrive in Fryksås late in the afternoon, a little tender in the body after an intense day. The front door opens and you are greeted by a scent from the kitchen that makes it chew a little extra in your stomach.

The chef has prepared a three-course dinner for you, food prepared from scratch with local ingredients spiced with love. You just have to sit down and enjoy.

Outdoor cooking

Cooking and eating outdoors is something extra. Does it taste a little better? Or maybe it's about the surroundings and the company, the smell of fire and that the cooking is done in a different way than what we are used to? We leave it up to the viewer to decide, but we can agree on that it's amazing.

 To get the perfect fire, the a little soothing to see how the wood heats up and gets perfect heat. Combine that coziness with really good traditional food, sitting on a sheepskin and looking out over nature. It probably will not be better than that. 


Snowshoe hike

With snowshoes, you get even further into the forest, where the prepared tracks do not exist. The snowshoes mean that you do not step through, as you otherwise do without snowshoes, and the hike is not as physically strenuous as it would have been with ordinary winter boots. You get the opportunity to go on a hike in untouched snow, where perhaps no one else has gone before you. Combine the hike with some outdoor cooking and you get a day you will not forget.


Go dog sledding

When winter has come to Dalarna, the sled dogs are in their element. The summer rest period and the autumn bare ground training pay off when the snow and winter finally arrive.
Eager, happy dogs run in front of the sled, which gives you a fantastic ride through forest and nature. Embedded in the warm sleigh, you only need to think about remembering to enjoy.


Exclusive visit to Orsa predator park

2 km from Fryksås is Orsa Predator Park. The park has endangered animals from all over the world. For example, bear, lynx, wolf, polar bear, tiger and leopard.
The park has three main purposes: species conservation, education and research. Together with Sweden's largest Predator Center, they work to spread knowledge about animals and nature, preserve species and create opportunities to learn more about them. A two-hour private tour of the park is offered, where you have the chance to get close to the animals and the work of preserving them.

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